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4 adorable boys and 1 beautiful girl looking for their forever homes. All seem to be keeping their blue eyes. The puppies will be 2 months old and ready to go home on December 6th. What better Christmas gift is there than a fluffy lovable Pomsky!


Pomsky ?

A breed that came out of the internet by accident, the Pomsky is an lovable and intelligent dog breed. They have the smarts of a Siberian Husky which makes them easy to train and eager to learn. Pomskies are great with children and other pets. They have the playfulness and loyalty of the Pomeranian. Both Huskies and Pomeranians are known to be people loving breeds. So combining the smarts of a husky, the playfulness of the Pomeranian with double dose of love makes for an amazing companion. And that is why Pomskies are the most popular breed right now. Did we also mention they are fluffy and love to cuddle?



We strive for not only beautiful confirmation but also the best personalities. Finding the right puppy is more than the color of their eyes or coat. It's the love and many joyful moments you will make with your puppy that is priceless.



Our Pomsky breeding program has grown out our love of the Pomsky breed. Who can resist all the fluff and love they give their owners. For over 4 years we have been providing families with the perfect fluffy energetic addition to their families. We have developed our line with these amazing Kings and Queens.

Food. Cuddles.


Not every home is a match for the Pomsky breed. Before you decide to bring a Pomsky into your family be sure to have a solid understanding of the traits breed. Like huskies they are energetic dogs that need regular exercise and stimulating activities. Most also shed their undercoat like the Husky and Pomeranian twice a year. This is not a hype allogenic breed nor a breed for people that have an aversion to dog hair.

Exercise & Play

Siberian Huskies are a very energetic breed that need lots of attention and activities.  Pomskies having that energy level also need lots of exercise, love and play time. Be prepared and ready to give them the attention they need and deserve.


Pomeranians are fluffy fur balls of cuteness. Anyone who wants to own a Pomsky must be prepared for lots of hair maintenance in terms of grooming and cleaning.  They love doggy spa days.

Cuddles & Love

Pomskies are among the sweetest breeds out there.  Both Huskies and Pomeranians are people lovers and very loyal.  Pomskies are very dedicated and protective of their owners and love nothing more than to cuddle if they are not playing.

Designer Breed

What makes Pomskies such a unique breed?  You will be hard pressed to find another breed that has the level of love Pomskies have but also the playful spunky tough guy attitudes they get from their Pomeranian side.

How To Care?

Keep your pup safe from medical emergencies by regular check-ups with your local vet.


Pomskies range from 12 pounds to 25 pounds.  It is hard to say how big they will be as it is determined how much of the husky traits and genes they will inheret.   Most quality Pomsky breeders can realiably  guarantee Pomskies between 15 to 20 pounds.


Training a puppy requires patience and love.  With the Husky smarts, Pomskies are very easy to house train and usually only takes a few days.  Crate training is the most effective method for house training a new Pomsky puppy.

What To Feed?

Be sure to feed a new Pomsky puppy quality puppy food for at least a year.  Some of our favorite food brands are Backcountry and Pristine

The Transition

Pomskies that just arrive at their new home will be scared and first time away from their litter mates and mother.  But with some love and attention they will quickly become comfortable with their surrounding and their new family.  Just be patient and let them acclimate.

Pet Breed

We do not allow breeding and all owners must agree to spaying their puppy.

The Right Home

It is a big commitment to take on raising a puppy.  They needs lots of attention and love.  Every home is vetted and approved before we agree to allow one of our puppies to be adopted.


If you are ready to adopt one of our peoples then fill out one the application and will get in touch as soon as possible.


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