Sammy is a 3 pound fluffy Black and White Pomeranian.  He is registered with AKC.  All Sammy ever wants to do is be cuddled in your lap.  Talk about cuteness overload.  You will be hard pressed to find a cuter Pomeranian when it comes to personality.  Everyone that meets him just falls in love.  He likes to play big tough guy in small guys body. He doesn’t let being small slow him down.

Even though he has brown eyes Kiki and Sammy seem to throw puppies with blue eyes and they stay under 15 pounds.  With Sammy’s coat we have been fortunate to get the desirable Wooly coat in their puppies. Talk about fluffiness.

I can’t take the cuteness overload.   He has to be the cutest pomeranian I’ve ever met!”
Dillon, Owner of Ariel

And for those interested, Sammy is short for Secret Agent Man.  That is why he is so well dressed in his party tuxedo.

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